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Creative Arts at Park is my home away from home. I started going to this camp when I was 7, and I’m currently 14. I’ve been a regular writer for the Oak Tree Times, an avid student of martial arts and computer graphics, and I sign up for Pop Singing every year without fail. The counselors and CITs have been my role models and friends. I feel so much love and appreciation for CAAP and am a better person for having gone here.


I have never seen an environment so supportive of the intense, powerful, and unrelenting creativity of children. Ever. I have some experience in this forum, having received grants from the Mass Cultural Council to design curriculum for kids in public schools. CAAP is, to my mind at least, an un-matched, creative, developmental experience for every child who attends whether for two weeks or all five.

Ben Mayer, Parent and Staff Member

I often joke that I gave birth to day and night and that there are very few things that both of my children like. Creative Arts at Park has been unbelievable; not only do they both like camp— they LOVE it! Every morning they are excited to get up and go. Thank you thank you for all of the hard work you have put into making this summer amazing!


CAAP is the best camp I’ve ever been to. It mixes so much creativity, music, theater, art and sports and makes each one more fun than it usually is. I used to think of camp as a place I have to go to. Now I think of camp as a place where I want to go!


There’s a different atmosphere at Creative Arts at Park. This is not your typical camp. It doesn’t value sports over the arts – it treats everything with respect. Whether it be Pop Singing or Ultimate Frisbee, kids are encouraged to pursue their dreams.

CIT, Former Camper

Besides learning one act of a Shakespeare play in five weeks, the kids learned a long list of vital skills: communication, critical thinking, and problem solving. Then a light bulb went on, “Aren’t these the 21st century skills we’re told that all our children will need if they are to thrive and succeed in life?"


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