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Following Federal, State, and Local Orders: All families are expected to adhere to the directives of applicable federal, state, and local government health departments regarding measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Testing and Notification: If your child or someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19,  Creative Arts at Park requires all information regarding COVID-19 to be communicated to the camp nurse as soon as possible. 

Staying Home if You're Sick: If your child is sick or you suspect they may have COVID-19, you are expected to keep them home from camp. Contact the camp nurse to plan for your child's safe return to camp after an illness.

If Your Child Has Been Exposed: If your child becomes exposed to Covid-19, they will be asked to reman masked while indoors at camp until you and our camp nurse determine that it is safe for your child to unmask while indoors.

Traveling: Please follow all guidelines and safety measures as directed by the Federal/State/Local Government. 

Refunds: In the event that camp can not run due governmental mandate, we will refund all tuition.

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